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Recycle and Reuse Your Old Tyres

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Six Ways to Recycle and Reuse Tyres

Many people are aware of the environmental blight that is old tyres. It’s estimated that Australians consume more than 20 million tyres per year. Having lost the exterior 4% of their mass that’s necessary for keeping them functional, end of life tyres are still structurally sound, and can be reused and upcycled into various useful objects to greatly extend their lifespan.

Garden Beds

Used tyres make excellent building material for garden beds. They can be used as simple planter boxes for herbs and flowers, or stacked to make taller beds. You could even cut them in thirds or in half and mount them on walls for vertical gardens, or hang them from chains to make artistic hanging gardens If you are going to decorate the tyres with paint, it is easiest to do it before they are put into place in the garden. You should make sure the paint is safe to use and won’t leak toxic pigments or solvents into your garden.

Tyre Swings

Tyre swings are a great way to turn old tyres into play things. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically, but make sure you use a suitable anchor. You can find a variety of tutorials online in written and video format.

Outdoor Furniture

The integrity of used tyres and their ubiquity makes them a great material for upcycling into furniture. A single tyre makes a great ottoman or coffee table with the right additions. Two tyres at right angles to each other can make a great chair against a wall, and a series of these cut together can make a couch.

Outdoor Steps

If you live on a sloping property, or have ever been for a hike on a rainy day, you will understand how water can make going up and down hills treacherous. Used tyres won’t rot and stacked end to end make for great outdoor stairs. If you vary the overlap, you can change the slope of the staircase. A small excavation coupled with backfilling after the tyres are in place is the best way to ensure its stability.

Earth Ships

Earth Ships are a modern building phenomenon that utilize a wide variety of upcycled waste in their construction, including tyres. If you know an eco-builder they might know of an Earth Ship project nearby that could utilise your old tyres.

Tyre Recycling

Once upon a time tyres couldn’t be meaningfully recycled. However, due to the overwhelming number of them accumulating, this environmental issue has led to technological innovations. Tyres can now be recycled by specialist centres into various products including roads, playgrounds and even converted back into steel and other raw materials.

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